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Three Reasons to Get Outdoors This Fall 

Three Reasons to Get Outdoors This Fall 

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by fitandwellamy

Fall is here and you don’t have to be a fan of pumpkin spice to enjoy this time of year! Cooler temperatures and changing leaves make it the perfect time to get out and be active outdoors. Here are my top three reasons to get outdoors this fall as well as three of my Kiava outerwear favorites!  

Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Autumn is usually when most of us stop spending time outdoors and opt for the more comfortable, cozy temperatures of our homes. It’s also the time of year when many of us experience a drop in vitamin D levels and perhaps feel moodier too. 

Sunshine and vitamin D is SO important for our overall health, so getting outside to soak up some rays before winter time is definitely on my top priority list. If it’s chilly out, I just put on my favorite Kiava Layered Pullover. It keeps me warm and is perfect for any outdoor activity whether you’re at the pumpkin patch or at the cabin. 

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Enjoy the Beautiful Fall Scenery 

Call me #Basic, but I’ll take any excuse to get out and enjoy the changing colors and crisp air. Fall is by far my favorite time to take a walk, trail run, bike, hike, or just take a drive up the canyon. 

Currently, I've been running in the Dolman long sleeve top from Kiava and it’s been perfect! It keeps me warm on cooler days but the fabric is super breathable. 

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Boost Your Energy 

Getting outdoors is a great way to boost your energy naturally, no caffeine required. Breathing in the fresh air, getting some exercise, and enjoying the sunshine can help you feel more alert, less groggy, and more motivated. 

When I need an energy boost and some inspiration, I grab my Kiava Mesh Jacket and head out the door for a hike. My favorite part about this jacket is the mesh detail. It’s super breathable and pairs perfectly with any Kiava tank or bra! 

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Whatever fall activity you choose, Kiava’s got your back with plenty of warm, functional, and stylish items. Every piece is made to move with you and is flattering on any shape or size! 

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