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My 3 Favorite Things About The Kiava Black Marble Leggings

My 3 Favorite Things About The Kiava Black Marble Leggings

I’ve been waiting for these black marble leggings ever since I saw a sneak peek on Kiava’s Instagram stories a few months back. I currently own the white marble Kiava leggings so I knew I’d love the black too. I was right!  

Here’s what I love most about the new Kiava black marble leggings:

1. Flattering Design

Marble leggings are currently super trendy, but not all of them are the most flattering. These black marble leggings are incredibly slimming, and what girl doesn’t love that? I also love that the marble pattern is subtle and not too loud. Not to mention, they are super easy to mix and match with Kiava tops. I’d describe these leggings as classy with a touch of bad-A.

2. Perfect Length

It’s just the best feeling when you slip on a new pair of leggings and they are the perfect length! Not too long, not too short. My preferred length is right above the ankle and these black marble leggings hit the mark! Plus they have pockets which is a huge win for me. No matter your height, your legs will rock these leggings.

3. Comfortable & Functional

No surprise here as all Kiava leggings are very functional. These black marble leggings are no exception! Made with the luxe material that is buttery soft, they move and bend all while wicking away moisture so I can feel good whether out on a chilly run or at the gym. I never have to worry about these leggings not being squat proof or showing all my sweat!

You can just tell when you put on these black marble leggings that every detail was thought through to perfection. I know you’ll love them too!

-Amy (

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