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Why I LOVE Kiava Clothing’s New Luxe Fabric Paisley Leggings

Why I LOVE Kiava Clothing’s New Luxe Fabric Paisley Leggings

We love Amy's review of our upcoming Paisley Capris and Leggings! Check it out below and follow her on Instagram!

I discovered Kiava Clothing and tried out some of their leggings almost a year ago and let me tell you, it’s hard to go back to anything else once you’ve put on a pair of Kiava luxe fabric leggings.

This is coming from a girl who’s worn leggings from just about everywhere and who wears them a LOT. When I would order leggings online before, it was always a gamble whether or not they were going to fit right and actually look the same in real life as they do online.

Now with Kiava, I know that every pair of luxe leggings will fit me just right, no surprises.

Here’s why I love Kiava’s leggings, especially the new paisley print!

1. They have pockets.

Literally the other day I got to the gym and went to change into my workout clothes. I pulled out the leggings I had grabbed the night before (not Kiava leggings) and was immediately disappointed that they did not have pockets. I wished right then and there I had brought my Kiava leggings instead!

Many of Kiava’s leggings have nice deep pockets perfect for my phone. It stays in nice and snug when I workout and I don’t have to worry about it falling out, or worse, me putting my phone down somewhere and losing it at the gym.

2. They are squat proof and don’t show sweat.

This is a huge MUST when it comes to leggings! Kiava’s leggings are all squat proof so you’ll never have to worry about showing off too much in a deep squat, yoga pose, or anything else!

I also love that the luxe fabric wicks away sweat and moisture, no more “swass” marks!

I guess for some people showing off your “swass” is a badge of honor, but for me? I’d rather not draw unwanted attention to my behind.

3. They are soft and flattering on any body type.

I think the best feature of Kiava’s luxe paisley leggings is they are SO soft (like butter) and oh so flattering.

You know how some leggings just squeeze ya in all the wrong places? Resulting in annoying wedgies and extra love handles? I’ve NEVER had that problem with Kiava luxe leggings.

Kiava’s new paisley leggings are super flattering on any body type, and I mean any! They come in sizes ranging from xs to xxl and hug ya in all the right places for the perfect fit. You can also choose an 18-inch length or 22-inch length so not matter if you’re short or tall, you’ll get the perfect length for you!

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    All the luxe fabrics are sweat proof. All the other fabrics can be as well but, if you are a sweater like me — you might want to stick to the darker colors :)

  • Mary

    Is just the luxe sweat proof? Or are all the leggings we sweat proof? I have the 6 inch black shorts and LOVE them but would like other colors. Just nervous to order and have sweat show up in “unwanted “areas.

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