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Why The KIAVA Sweetheart Tank is Perfect For Any Workout

Why The KIAVA Sweetheart Tank is Perfect For Any Workout

Sports Tank Top, White Tank Top, Built in Bra Sports Tank top

I've been patiently waiting for the sweetheart tank ever since I saw a sample on KIAVA's Instagram months ago. I was thrilled to finally get my hands on one!

Like I expect with all Kiava items, the tank is high quality, flattering, and fits according to size.  Here are some reasons why the sweetheart tank is perfect for any workout!

Full Coverage sports tank top, built in bra tank top, white tank top

  1. Flirty, but excellent coverage.

The sweetheart tank's neckline gives that perfect feminine look, but I love that it gives me the coverage I need when I'm working out. The last thing I want to worry about during a yoga flow, WOD, or any workout is a wardrobe malfunction. I never have to worry in this top!

  1. Long and fitted.

I love variety in my wardrobe, and while many of KIAVA's tanks are more loose fitting and flowy, this one is more fitted. This makes it great for yoga classes when I'm spending time upside down or in an intense circuit workout when I'm jumping around a bunch. It stays put and doesn't ride up. Plus, it's extremely flattering to any natural curves making it a great top for any body size!

  1. Good support and attention to detail.

The sweetheart tank gives great support, making perfect for jogging or any other high impact activity! The bra band isn't so tight you feel claustrophobic, but not too lose either. It's made of a comfortable fabric so say goodbye to chafing!  I also love the mesh detail on the top and back. This makes it super breathable in those areas where I tend to sweat more.

If you're looking for a workout top that's supportive, has coverage, fitting, and that will stay in place, you can't go wrong with the sweetheart tank! It's perfect for any athlete.

Love, Amy (@fitandwellamy)

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