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Simple Runner's Bra and Contour Capri

Simple Runner's Bra and Contour Capri

Ready to discover your new favorite gym outfit?? The new Simple Runner's Bra & new Contour Capri are about to become your favorite combo. The Simple Runner's Bra in red is a high impact bra that you can pair with the black, plum or slate blue Contour Capri. This capri is high waisted & has a thicker fabric that will support your body and give you an extra lift in all the places you need. 


We know you love pockets! The Simple Runner's Bra has a pocket on back & the capri has two deep pockets. These pockets are the perfect size for your phone & to fit all other essentials.


Another new feature for the capri is the adjustable drawstring on the inside. You can now adjust the waist to give yourself a perfect, customized fit. There is also a new flattering seam on the waistband in the front & back. 


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