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International Women's Day Message from Olivia

International Women's Day Message from Olivia

Happy International Women's Day! 

I just wanted to send out a brief note thanking you for being a part of KIAVA Clothing and for your help in creating opportunities for this small business to grow and employ so many wonderful women. 
Over the past eight years, we have worked with an ever-growing group of amazing women.  It started with family; my sister, my sisters-in-law, and my mother.  As we grew, we began to employ some of my older nieces, as well as friends and neighbors that were interested in a flexible schedule that would allow them to work while their children were in school without having to worry if they weren't able to make it in if something came up, as it occasionally does in the life of busy hard working woman.  
What began with family and close friends has now grown to include women from all walks of life.  From the athletic grandmother that would cycle to work every day, to the MMA fighter and model that now runs her own business, to the experienced and amazing mothers of small children that have taught me so much, to our youngest employees working the first job they have ever had, it has been a privilege for me to work alongside each of them.  Individually, they have brought unique insight and innovation to our small business and made a lasting impact.  We often joke that my two daughters are growing up in the KIAVA warehouse as they have spent many countless hours there with us.  There is some truth to that and I am so glad that they get to have this experience.  They have been surrounded by some of the best role models I could hope for.  They have spent hours upon hours playing with these hard-working women that have been kind enough to dote on them and show them that they are both loved and important.  
Years ago, our close friend and marketing consultant asked us to come up with a mission statement for KIAVA.  It took a few weeks for me to decide what that should be.  I wanted it to be genuine.  In the end, I felt that our mission was, 
"Empowering women to be strong and confident throughout their health and fitness journey."
Because you Deserve that! You deserve to feel Strong and Confident throughout your life! 
As the owner, founder, and sole designer of KIAVA Clothing, I can honestly tell you that our mission statement is what I strive for.  Our customers around the world range from women who have never owned a sports bra before and are just beginning to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, to world-class athletes competing at the highest levels.  
Early on, about 10 years ago, some of the first emails we received were from women asking us to produce quality athletic wear to fit all body types, large or small.  They felt discouraged when they were unable to find quality athletic clothing to fit larger sizes.  We decided then that we would work to include sizing up to Triple XL and I am so thankful that we did.  It has been inspiring to hear from so many of you.
There is nothing I love more than receiving messages from a customer telling me how their KIAVA Clothing has made a positive difference for them.  I know that I personally feel more motivated and driven in my healthy goals when I feel confident and beautiful in the clothing that I am wearing and I want each of my customers to feel the same.  
Thank you for supporting our small business.  Thank you for giving us the chance to be a part of your healthy lifestyle.  Here's to all the Women out there helping to lift and support other Women!
Happy International Women's Day to all of you!
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