Endurance Bra - Pre-Order

  • We will be restocking these items by Friday, May 30th, 2018

    When Checking Sizing, Please find your rib cage measurement first, then find your cup size.

    X-Small: 28-32 AA-B

    Small: 30-32 A-B

    Medium: 32-34 Full B Cup - Small D Cup

    Large: 36-38 C Cup - DD Cup

    XL: 36-38 Small D Cup - DD Cup

    XXL: 38-42 Full D Cup - Small F Cup

    For those in between sizes: 36 A&B = M or 32 D = M

Electric Coral
Royal Blue

Sizing for All Types of Bodies

We asked our models below for what sizes they usually wear to get you a better idea for what will fit you the best!


Sarah is wearing a Large Mint Blue Endurance Bra. She is a 40 DD.


Tara is wearing a Medium White Endurance Bra. She is a 34D.


Lauren is wearing the XS Electric Coral Endurance Bra. She is a 32B.


Noelia is wearing the Small Lightning Endurance Bra. She is a 34B.


Olivia is wearing the Medium Black Endurance Bra. She is a 34D.

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