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Pocket Petal Skort

Pocket Petal Skort

7 Reasons to workout in a KIAVA Pocket Petal Skort

Our new and improved Pocket Petal Skort is perfect for running, tennis, lifting, dancing, sports and pretty much any activity for that matter. It is so cute and so comfortable you'll find excuses to wear it all day long.

We love working out in our Petal Skorts and here are 6 reasons our customers love to workout in them:

  1. "The pockets are amazing!!! They are big enough for my iPhone Plus and strong enough to keep it from bouncing around while I'm running."
  2. "Your skort is so cute! The way the layers come down make it look good on my curvy hips!"
  3. "I love that you have form-fitting spandex attached to the skort! It is perfect for my long runs."
  4. "I ran the St. George marathon in this skort and I have to say one of my favorite features was the sticky grip shorts. I ran 26.2 miles and never had to adjust my shorts once! Thanks KIAVA!"
  5. "The extra thick waistband is so great! It keeps things in place and keeps things comfortable."
  6. "I love listening to music and that little hole above the pocket to get my headphones through is #AH-Mazing!!"
  7. "The KIAVA Skort is now the only swim bottom I wear! I have toddlers that I chase around the pool. It's so flattering and practical!

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